Used bicycles in Tartu!

Our webshop address: www.recycle.ee

We offer the best variety and quality of used bikes in Tartu.

You can find second hand bikes for children, youngsters and adults, which have been previously maintained properly. This proper maintainence gives us the certainty to offer our customers 3 months of warranty for used bikes. 


Used bikes are mostly Scandinavian and Finnish quality bike brands, such as Helkama, Tunturi, Madison, Nopsa, Terässiipi, Crescent, DBS, Monark, etc. 

We offer an exchange possibility to bikes bought from our shop. This means that our customers can return the bike they bought from us and get a discount on a new/used bike in the amount of the returned bike's residual value. This feature is extremely useful, when buying/exchanging bikes for children. 

For students: we buy your bike back when your studies have finished and you don't need the bike anymore. The buyback price depends on the condition of the bike and it's usually around 1/3 of the original price.

NB! Due to the fact that our salesroom space is limited, we have many of our bikes in a warehouse. Please don't hesitate to ask to see!

Come and take a test ride!